MyFS: In the beginning…

MyFS: In the beginning…

About ten months ago, a small group of people working in the financial services sector sat down and had a chat.

We talked of the value of ‘crowd wisdom’ and how in the modern world, with the growth of social media and personal technology, the opportunity to bring people together to shape and mould the environment in which we all live was greater than ever before.

It used to be said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, yet while that may still have its place, we favoured the concept that in the modern day, true innovation and development in society comes from open conversation and shared thought.

We moved on to talk about working in the financial services industry and how, through this collective wisdom we might be able to make a difference in the wider society. After all, financial services have an impact on everyone’s life, regardless of an individual’s personal wealth, age, sex or religion.

We looked at examples, such as the massively influential TED, and wondered if something like this could ever be adapted to an industry that has seen such cynicism levelled at it over the years.

And then we thought, well, hell, it’s at least worth a try… and so My Financial Services (MyFS) was born.

MyFS was created to be an open and interactive forum, far removed from the closed-door meetings that are all too common in the financial industry. It will bring people together to share their thoughts on the future of the sector and create open dialogue that can be used to shape the industry in order to better serve those that rely on it every day.

We intend over time to cover all aspects of finance, from pensions and savings to insurance and borrowing, from small business funding to corporate social responsibility.

No subject will be overlooked and no idea will be undervalued, we all have a place and a responsibility to get involved in the bigger debates that impact on our society. To paraphrase writer Aaron Sorkin; ‘we should never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world’, we just need the right forum in which to be heard.

We hope that MyFS becomes just that.


  1. Wishing you every success with this forum. I’m sure it will be the talk of the (FS) town. Looking forward to hearing -and seeing – the first forum next week.

  2. Thanks Calum, it’s been a long and exciting journey to get to this point and everyone seems to be positive and getting behind what we are trying to achieve.

    Some great times ahead I hope!

  3. I am a financial journalist and I write for the 50+ blog at – for the man and woman in the street.

    So this new forum, which hopes to get to grips with the pensions debate, is welcome and interesting, and who knows, may make a difference.

    The industry has been about what pension funds do or don’t do, with little reference to the concerns of their clients. This long suffering group often fails to end up with a successful pension, unless they are lucky enough to be part of an index-linked government or final salary scheme. They could do with a champion.

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