Young Money Report 2015

Generation A: From Austerity to Aspiration, looks at the attitudes of 1,000 young people (18-25 year olds) who have lived large parts of their adult life under the shadow of austerity.
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Young Money 2015: We're using far too much jargon

Adrian Lowcock, Head of Investing at AXA Wealth, tells us what he thinks of the Young Money report.

Young Money 2015: There is a trust issue

There is a trust issue between young people and the industry, says Jason Butler, Author of The Financial Times Guide to Wealth Management. Listen to Jason’s response to the findings in this year’s Young Money report here.

Young Money 2015: We need to communicate better

The pensions industry needs to do a lot more to engage with younger people, Darren Philp of The People’s Pension says. Listen to Darren’s response to this year’s Young Money report.

Young Money 2015: Gen A wants to invest ethically

Young people want to invest ethically, but we’re not seeing that materialise, says Adrian Cammidge, Head of Investment Communications at Kames Capital. Listen to Adrian’s thoughts on this year’s Young Money Report here.

Young Money 2015: If you can invest in a gym...

Young people are happy to go down to the gym every day to get their bodies in shape, so why not pay the same attention to their finances, asks Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, Head of Policy and Governance for Mortgages and Savings at Nationwide.

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